Haul In Arena Use 

If you need an indoor, all weather facility to exercise and train your horse, Diversity Horsemanship has what you need. Please read all the facility rules for haul in arena users below:

Price: $21.00 per horse, per time hauling in

Rules for Hauling- in to use the Arena at Diversity Horsemanship:

1) Please check in for the best time to haul in, a few days in advance. Email and let us know which days you are hoping to come, and we will let you know the best times.

2) If it has been over one year since you last filled in a release form, or you have never filled out a Diversity Horsemanship release form, fill one out immediately upon arrival. They can be found in the main barn, beside the entrance to the indoor arena, either on the table under the while board, or in a folder in the shelving to the left of the white board. Folders are labelled “Release Forms” and “Condensed Release Forms”, either will do, the latter is the shorter one to fill out.

3) Leave either cash payment in the slot in the wall that says “envelope” to the left of the big white board. Envelopes are provided in a basket on the wall below the slot. Label the envelope with your cash the date, your name, and “haul in”, and the number of horses. E-transfers can also be sent to , password “horse”. Cost for hauling in is $21 per horse, there is no time limit.

4) Please be aware that boarders will be using the facility at the same time, and be respectful of them and their safety.

5) Please clean up after your horse, including anything that falls out of your trailer when loading/unloading in the parking lot. There are shovels/manure forks/brooms, and a wheelbarrow in the main barn and a wheelbarrow and manure forks in the arena.

6) Stalls are not to be used unless discussed previously.

7) All horses must be fully vaccinated with: WEE, EEE, Rhino, Influenza, EHV, Tetanus, West Nile, and Rabies to come to the facility.

8) Horses must be in good health to come to the facility. Do not come if your horse has: fever, reduced appetite, runny nose, or other signs of illness.

9) Tie your horse only to the blocker tie rings. Do not tie your horse solid to anything. There are blocker tie rings on the stalls in the barn. If the barn is too busy, you may tie in the arena as a last resort, but please do not let your horse paw holes in the arena.

10) If your horse does dig a hole in the arena sand, there is a metal rake in the corner of the arena with the forks and wheel barrow, please rake the sand level again so it does not create a trip hazard for those riding.

11) Have shavings with you in the event your horse pees in the barn. Please clean up the pee with the shavings and put in the wheel barrow for manure in the barn.

12) Please have someone experienced and skilled at trailer loading with you. We will not be available to help with trailer loading should your horse not load. (Some exceptions to people who are in a booked lesson, and who have agreed to make the loading part of the lesson).

13) Please follow all Diversity Horsemanship safety rules. If you are not sure, ask. For urgent matters, Chelsea can be reached at – Text message is best, call for emergency.

14) Anyone under 18 years of age must wear a certified equestrian helmet when riding/ working with a horse. For anyone over 18 we highly recommend a proper equestrian helmet.

15) We follow all the latest Covid- 19 regulations. All facility users are required to follow these as well. They include: using provided hand sanitizer or washing hands with soap (in bathroom or barn kitchen) upon arrival and before leaving, wearing a mask at all times when not working a horse, wearing a mask at all times when social distancing is not able to be maintained, not coming to the facility if experiencing symptoms of Covid- 19, or if you have been in contact with a known positive Covid- 19 case within the last 14 days. UPDATE- As of March 15th, 2022, wearing a mask is now optional.

16) No dogs allowed on the property.

17) Any damage to the facility must be reported to Chelsea - see contact info above.

18) No smoking in or near any of the buildings or hay. If you must smoke, smoke in your car, in the main parking lot, far away from the buildings and hay.

19) If ice/ slippery footing is a concern for loading and unloading, bring your own sand/kitty litter to put down behind your trailer so your horse does not slip, or ask us what spot around the arena has the best footing to load/unload your horse.

Click here for printable PDF Haul In Rules