Mission Statement

We Empower you to make the changes you need, in order to succeed.

We aim to develop better horsemen, so horses and riders can thrive!

We offer the programs that you need in order to improve your horsemanship, so that you and your horse can reach your full potential, and you can crush your goals!

We want riders who are serious about improving their horsemanship- in all areas, and who will devote as much time, energy, and commitment as we do - in order to acheive your goals.

In order to unlock horse's and rider's possibilities, we encorporate the following values into our approach:

EDUCATION- We are big on education! We love to learn, and are continually updating our education and finding learning opportunities in all interactions with horses and their people. We provide you education on the diverse array of topics needed to improve horsemanship, including: what the horse's ethological needs are and how we can better meet them in our care practices, how the horse perceives the world and learns, how to increase the horse's comfort and improve performace by improving our riding, learning about equine behaviour, saddle fit, heath care, conditioning, etc. If you love to learn about all things equine and equestrian, this is the right place for you!

ACCOUNTABILITY- Empowering riders to make the changes they need in order to succeed- comes down to making the riders accountable. In order to learn and make improvements, students need to be accountable for their learning, and be open to make changes. We encourage you to take notes after your lessons, practice physical off the horse exercises that will improve your riding, utilize visualization, mental training, and set time to practice multiple times a week. Be open to learn new things, and commit to consistency in your new program to give your horse a chance to succeed as well. Horse Training services are also available should you not be in the right place to help your horse through a certain stage of training, or should you have a period of time when you are unable to exercise your horse frequently enough to maintain their fitness/ training. If you are ready to be accountable for your success, this is the right place for you!

OFF THE HORSE PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR THE RIDER- The well- being and performance of horses increases when riders learn how to be a better load to carry, and learn how to give clearer aids with better timing. We offer Corrective Exercise Personal Training programs to help riders gain a high degree of body awareness, control, and co-ordination. Corrective exercise involves a thorough assessment to identify muscle imbalances that are effecting your balance, suppleness, mobility, stability, force absorption, right to left symmetry, and access to certain muscles. This assessment allows the personal trainer to give you a very individualized, custom off the horse exercise program, to meet your body's unique needs. When combined with on the horse coaching that takes into consideration your unique needs, it is a game changer. You will become more symmetrical in how you use your right and left sides of your body, which will help in your training to even out the horse's lateral imbalances. You will be more able to absorb forces and balance on your horse to reduce the stresses on the horse's body. If you are ready to make great changes in the way you use your body, both on and off the horse, then this is the right place for you!

SAFETY- Having the certification, along with years of experience with a wide variety of riders and horses, in a wide variety of situations, we are aware of the risks of this sport and well versed in keeping riders safe.  We know how to encourage and challenge riders in a way that is right for them, and build foundations which increase safety. We like having riders who prioritize safety, which means following the safety rules provided at all times. If safety is important to you, and you are ready to operate in a safety- minded way in all interactions with horses, then this is the right place for you!

LEADERSHIP- A big part of what keeps us safe around horses is leadership, and having consistent leadership across all situations. We teach about herd dynamics, and horse behaviour and relate those to our handling practices. A good leader is fair, and takes the horse's comfort, mental and physical readiness into consideration, yet sometimes needs to be firm. Firmness is often needed in order to maintain spacial boundaries or to move the horse's feet- as horses do with each other to show dominance. Horses are more relaxed and safer for us to handle if they have a good leader. If the expectations are clear and consistent, the horse and human partnership can be more harmonious and smaller, gentler cues can become the main way of communicating. If you are ready to be a good, consistent, leader for your horse- across all situations- then this is the right place for you!

HOLISTIC/ (APPROACH TOWARDS THE "WHOLE")- Training riders and horses considering the diverse array of factors affecting their psychologies, physiologies, environments, instincts, histories, physical capabilities, situational factors, and emotional states. We consider all of these factors when training you and your horse, and we have multiple tools to work in all of these areas. If you are ready to learn a holistic approach or work on some areas that need more attention, then we are the right place for you!

GOAL SETTING- We have the education, experience, skills and programs you need to acheive your horsemanship goals. It doesn't matter what level you aspire to ride, or what size your goal is, if it keeps the horse's best interest in mind and develops you into a better horseman, we are down to help you crush that goal! If you love to make goals, work on them, and smash them- then we are the right place for you!

"Unlocking Horse's and Rider's Possibilities"