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We offer Corrective Exercise Personal Training programs to help riders gain a high degree of body awareness, control, and co-ordination. Corrective exercise involves a thorough assessment to identify muscle imbalances that are effecting your balance, stability, range of motion, suppleness, force absorption, right to left symmetry, and access to certain muscles. This assessment allows the personal trainer to give you a very individualized, custom off the horse exercise program, to meet your body's unique needs. When combined with on the horse coaching that takes into consideration your unique needs, it is a game changer. You will become more symmetrical in how you use your right and left sides of your body, which will help in your training to even out the horse's lateral imbalances. You will be more able to absorb forces and balance on your horse to reduce the stresses on the horse's body. If you are ready to make great changes in the way you use your body, both on and off the horse, then this is the right place for you!

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Chelsea is an ISSA/NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, and a NASM Corrective exercise specialist, who specializes in riders. She will design a custom exercise program for you both off and on the horse after performing assessments, and help you with your program in personal training sessions along the way. You can also do semi private sessions with another person working on similar things, if available.

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Rider Fitness at Diversity Horsemanship- Books, Classes, and Clinics Available!!

The rider fitness exercise programs at Diversity Horsemanship have been developed in response to the most commonly seen bio-mechanical and postural challenges people have when learning to ride. Having watched and coached thousands of riders over the years, Chelsea identifies the issues most commonly plaguing riders and gives solutions via stretching, strength training, and exercise theory- both on and off the horse. She has found that riders who train at home between rides get more out of their lessons and ride time because their body is able to do what they want it to do, instead of restricting them, so they can focus on the horse and the timing and co-ordination of the aids, as well as the mulititude of other things the riders need to focus on. She has also noticed a reduction in pain and stiffness from riding in herself and in many of her students. The classes and the book help riders identify what issues they have, why they are detrimental to their riding, and what strength training and/or stretches they can do to remedy them.

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Rider Fitness Clinics and Exercise Classes:

Rider Fitness for Optimal Equitation Clinic:

- Mounted Component- contains before and after riding self exploration, assessment and comparison while riding.
- Classroom Component- An exercise theory class. An illustrative presentation of the human muscles we are going to stretch and strength train and why they matter to riders, explaination of anterior pelvic tilt and other common issues.
- Stretching and Strength Training Compnent- Learn the exercises you need to improve your riding with the help of a coach to help correct your form and tell you when you are on track. We provide yoga mats, stability balls and hand weights.

Rider Stretch and Strength Training Classes:

- Various lengths of time and topics are availble, from just stretching, to Core strength focused.
- Often held as a follow- up to the "Rider Fitness for Optimal Equitation Clinic" to help riders see if they are following the program at home correctly and are keeping their form and movement patterns correct.

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